Permanent Farm Use Placards Now Available at DMV

dmvLogoDMV-Issued Placards Required Starting July 1, 2024

RICHMOND – The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) now offers permanent farm use placards for unregistered farm vehicles at all customer service centers. Applications for the permanent farm use placard are available on our newly redesigned website,

“It is our hope that these placards will help ensure the proper use of farm use tags and, most importantly, make Virginia’s roads safer,” said DMV Commissioner Gerald Lackey. “There is time before enforcement begins, so we encourage farmers to send their applications through the mail at your earliest opportunity. That way you can skip the trip to your local DMV.”

DMV-issued farm placards are required for unregistered farm use panel trucks, pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles beginning July 1, 2024. This requirement is a result of legislation passed by the 2023 General Assembly. The DMV-issued placards replace the unofficial farm use tags typically purchased at a local store for use on these three types of unregistered farm vehicles. Placards cost $15 and are good for the lifetime of the vehicle but are not transferable. An additional $15 may be required if the owner does not already hold a title for the vehicle.

The permanent farm use placard application requires the following information:

  • Name of vehicle owner and one of the following:FEIN/SSN/DMV customer number
  • Vehicle year, make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Approximate farm location and acreage where the vehicle is used
  • Type of agricultural commodities produced
  • Signatures confirming the vehicle will only be used for purposes allowed under farm use exemption and that the vehicle is insured

Placard transactions are not available online. Please allow ample time to mail your application or schedule an appointment to bring the completed application to your local DMV. For details on which farm use plates or placards are right for your vehicle or for more details on placards for unregistered farm vehicles, please visit our website.